Raffle Barrel

Part #: 545-0350
Pricing Information
Rental Rate $16.00
Set Up & Tear Down Charge $+ Delivery Fee
Delivery Charge Based on Location

Mutton Rentals is proud to offer unique game rentals and inflatable rentals that can be completed on its own or in addition to tent rentals with our cash and carry options. Our Raffle Barrels are available for your rental needs with delivery and pickup. The Raffle Barrel will accommodate your outdoor event needs from a personal and private event to a public celebration. Mutton Rentals can work with you to find the right game rentals to make sure you party is a success. We offer everything from water rental games, to casino rentals games, to outdoor lawn rental games, and more! We will make sure that the Raffle Barrel is the perfect game for you and your friends. Check out our other game rentals and our tent rental options, too!