Radiant Tube Heater 45,000 BTU

Part #: 544-0090
Pricing Information
Rental Rate $605.00
Delivery Charge Based on Location

The radiant tube heaters are propane powered and are ideal for applications in which the tent will not be fully enclosed with sidewalls.  Radiant tube heaters allow guests to feel heat while in proximity of the heater much like a patio heater or outdoor campfire.

The radiant tube heater measures 9'2" long and can be installed as low as 8' off the ground while being mindful of customer contact.

Low setting = 31,500 BTU, High setting = 45,000 BTU 

Burner Pressure: 10" WC, Supply Min Pressure: 11" WC, Supply Max Pressure: 14" WC

Requires 120 VAC, 60 HZ, 2.6 AMPS

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