30” Pedestal Fan

Part #: 599-0002
Pricing Information
Rental Rate $46.00
Set Up & Tear Down Charge $40.50
Delivery Charge Based on Location

Our 30" Pedestal Fan options are great for allowing your guests to remain comfortable on a hot day at your event, party, or wedding. If you are looking for temperature control options to go along with your tent rental, our 30" Pedestal Fan is a popular option. This is one of numerous temperature control options that we have available.

The 30" Pedestal Fan will help maximize the comfort of your guests at your event making it all the more memorable. These cooling options are perfect for any size party and are sold in as small or large a number as needed. We can handle delivery, setup, and tear down.

Don’t miss out on all of our temperature control options for your next event!

Each fan requires 5 amps of electricity.