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Pole Tent Rentals

Pole tents are the most commonly used tent for any event. Pole Tents are made up of a vinyl top, one or more center poles, and side poles around the perimeter of the tent with ropes & stakes coming off to hold the tent up & in place. Our pole tents are available in wedding white & four colored stripe options. The standard widths for pole tents include; 15’, 20’, 30’, 40’, and 60’wide. All of these tent widths are expandable to about any length needed.

Tension Structure Tents (Centuries)

These tents are easily recognized by their dramatic and elegant roof line. The visual appeal of these tents are not only noticeable from the outside but also under the tent where the high peaks make for a very clean and spacious look that allows for excellent floor planning and ceiling décor possibilities.

Besides the aesthetic appeal of these tents they also offer the peace of mind of falling in the category of an engineered tent. Engineering as it applies to tents indicate that they have been designed and tested by the manufactured to withstand much higher wind load than traditional tents. Although no one likes to think about the possibilities of adverse weather during their event it is possible and our Tension Structure Century Tents have the best chance of withstanding it and allowing your event to not be affected.   

Frame Tent Rentals

Frame Tents are ideal for the un-ideal location. Along with versatile installation locations these tents offer uninterrupted square footage with no center poles. This tenting allows for flexible floor plans and good site lines.

Unlike other tents frame tents are free standing meaning that they aren’t reliant on precisely placed ropes & stakes to hold them up.  The construction of frame tent begins with building and aluminum framework or Skelton.  Once this is built to size the vinyl tent top is put over the top of the frame & then the entire thing is lifted up to install legs.

The free standing construction of the frame tent allows for it to be installed in locations traditional pole & century tents can’t like Up against garages, next to buildings, over patios, on top concrete & event on roof tops.

It is important to remember that these tents still need to be anchored. While alternatives to staking are available like water barrels & concrete weights, these options should be a last resort and need to be considered carefully to ensure the safety of the tent, the people under it & the things surrounding it. We offer Frame Tents in 9’, 10’, 15’, 20’, and 30’ widths.

Navi Trac Tents

For many people this tent is a dream come tru.  he Navi Trac tent is officially classified as a Hybrid frame tent. This means that it is a mix of both a traditional frame tent and a Structure or Clear Span tenting. 

First off, like any Structure or Frame tent it doesn’t have any center poles meaning easy floor plans & no obstructions of view.  Where this tent begins to set itself apart from a traditional Frame tent is its frame work.  The frame work of a traditional frame tent can be pretty extensive & to some they feel it takes away from the visual appeal of the tent. The Navi-Trac is constructed of a box beam framework which offers additional strength over the traditional round tube frame tents. This additional strength allows for minimal framework in the ceiling of the tent & much cleaner & contemporary look.

Along with a cleaner look the Navi Trac also has 20’ leg and stake spacings which eliminates trip hazards & allows for better traffic flow in and out of the tent.  The Navi Trac also offers engineering which allows it to withstand high winds & adverse weather,but it takes weather protection a step farther by offering Tracked or Kedered Sidewalls which not only attach on the top but also slide into tracks on the legs of the tent which eliminates virtually all flapping & blowing. If the weather gets bad you can even add high wind bars which slide into the bottom of the wall to further lock them in place.  These features combined make this tent a great option for any event that needs to take place regardless of weather. This tent is a very efficient option when you are hoping to heat or cool the tent.

The box beam construction of the tent which resembles that of a clear span or structure also opens the door for a lot of great lighting & ceiling décor options that are very difficult to achieve in a pole tent or century tent.

The best part of the Navi Trac is that it matches almost all features of a structure or clear span at significantly lower cost point.

We offer the Navi Trac in 30’, 40’ & 50’ Widths & at virtually any length.  We also offer the 40’ wide and 50’ wide with Gabled Ends which opens up a number of possibilities which are explained in the Gabled End Section.

Structures / ClearSpan Tents

When most people encounter a structure or clear span tent, tent isn’t the first things that pop into their mind.  The average consumer has been in a structure or clear span but may have thought it was some sort of interesting looking building & building may be the best way to describe it.

The photos will do most of the explaining, but we will give you a quick rundown of the features. Clear spans were named because they span large areas. Clear Span means there are no poles or obstructions to be found. They also eliminate all ropes and ratchets coming off the sides of the tent.

Like our Navi Trac, Tracked or Kedered Walls are standard options on a structure. They also offer engineering that is unmatched by any other tent.  At the end of the day this Losberger will always be the last tent standing.  Uses for this tent vary from weddings, business meetings, Concerts, tradeshows & virtually any other event where you want to impress your guest and / or make sure you have the peace of mind that nothing will interrupt your event.

There are a lot of name brands and styles when it comes to Structures.  We carry Losberger products which offers probably the most unique look on the market.  While we can offer you other styles as well we feel like if you are going to take your event to the next level with a structure you might as well turn some heads with a unique look, style, and spans definitely turn heads.

We offer Clear Span tents in 40’, 55’, 66' and 82’ widths and we can provide you with virtually any length.  

Clear Top Tents

They have been called Clear Tops, Glass Roof, Glass Top, See through and the list goes on. The reason for the variation in name is it is a style of tent that most people haven’t encountered outside of the movies and TV.  We added clear tops to our inventory a few years back when a client wanted a big city look. What we found out was although the look does cost more than a traditional white tent we can offer it much more affordably than they can in Hollywood.

Adding Clear Tops to your tent is a look that can’t be beaten. During the day the clear panels add natural lighting and as the sun sets it opens the door for the ultimate Star lit event. One thing is for sure it will impress your guest and create a great background for photos.

Winter Tents

Whether you want to throw an elaborate holiday party, add some space to your garage for a Super Bowl party, need a construction project covered up or just need additional warehouse space we have a tent to accommodate your needs.  Many tent companies you call will tell you that they can’t put up a tent in the snow, what they mean is they don’t want to or don’t know how.

Erecting tents in the snow and / or cold weather does create some challenges that you don’t encounter in the warmer months. Things you may need to think about are snow removal prior to tent installation, monitoring snow accumulation on tent while it is erected, heating the tent, and removing snow from around tent in preparation for tent removal. Despite the obstacles, we have successfully erected tents, furnished everything under them, and heated them when necessary in every month of the year.


Temporary Storage Tent Rentals

If you’re in need of some extra square footage to store things we can provide you with as little as 100 sq. ft. and as much as 20,000 sq. ft. & beyond all under one tent. Temporary Storage Tent rental come in handy in many situations including: over stock, remodels, product recalls and the list goes on.


Construction Tents

Sometimes you don’t care how pretty the tent is & all that matters is it is structurally sound.  We have provided tents for construction sites for break rooms, to cover up man holes, to lay concrete under in the dead of winter, & even to just cover up building materials that got shipped in to early.


Tent Sales & Retail Space

For some people tent sales are only associated with Car Lots. While we can provide you with striped tents in various colors to attract attention to your business, we can also provide you with a virtually weather proof tent with everything from tracked sidewalls and glass doors to flooringand specialty showroom lighting. These tents are great for high end product that can’t get wet or perhaps you want open a temporary retail store in a remote location during your peak season. 


Engineered Tents & Wind Loads

For the event or project that can’t be interrupted by the weather, Engineered tents are the best option.  If a tent is said to have Engineering it indicates that the manufacturer of that tent had it designed & tested by an engineer to withstand high wind loads. While there is some variation between engineered tents, they are typically rated to withstand continuous winds of 60 MPH & 3 second wind gust of up to 80 MPH.

An important thing to keep in mind is that tent engineering means nothing if the rental company doesn’t put the tent up properly.  The main factor that comes into play when it comes to tent wind loads is how the tent is staked.  Engineered Tents have staking specs that shows the required number of stakes per pole in normal soil conditions to meeting engineering.  Where many tent companies fall short is when soil conditions aren’t normal.  While 2 stakes on a pole may be appropriate in normal soil conditions you may need as many as 4 to 6 in soft soil conditions.  Our concept has always been to plan for the worse & stake the tent to withstand the worse case.

Water barrels and concrete weights, please note that when using these to anchor tents any manufacture engineering and wind loads are voided.  Don’t let anyone tell you any different.


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