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We offer a wide range of tent walls and tent doors for your tent rental needs.

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Tracked or Kedered Tent Walls:

Available on our Navi-Trac and Losberger De Boer clearspan structure tents, these walls not only attach at the eaves but also slide into a track in the side of the legs which eliminates virtually all blowing & flapping. In extreme conditions a wind bar can be added which slides into the bottom of the wall and further locks the tent walls in place. Unlike traditional tent walls that have to be rolled up or taken off to allow air flow, these walls conveniently unlace down the middle and slide back on their track like a shower curtain. We offer kedered walls available in solid white, cathedral window walls, and clear.

High Wind Tent Walls

For those tents that do not offer the option of tracked or kedered walls we have developed some alternatives. Our high wind walls pay for themselves for events that are utilizing heating or air conditioning. We utilize a type of wall known as snap and lap which allows the walls to clip together to prevent them from blowing apart. Additionally, cabling or planking can be used to further lock the bottom of the walls into place.

Glass Window Tent Walls

Elevate the image of your clearspan structure tent with glass window walls. Offered exclusively with our Losberger De Boer line of clear span structure tent rentals. Whether creating a dazzling storefront display in a retail tent or enhancing the sleek modern lines of the clearspan structure tent, these glass walls provide a stunning first impression that is unexpected on a tent.

Tent Doors

Whether your goal is to add tent heating or tent cooling, eliminate drafts, or just to impress your guest with something they don’t see very often, tent doors are the way to go.

Window Tent Walls

When you’re picturing the romantic peaks of a traditional white wedding tent, these are likely the walls that come to mind. Cathedral windows take center stage allowing natural light into the tent and showing off the view.

Clear Tent Walls

Clearly the best option when the view is stunning, our clear walls let the maximum amount of natural light into your tent while still protecting your guests from the elements.  Depending on the style of tent and wall selected, clear walls may include some white vinyl framing your oversized picture window view.

Media Tent Walls

If you are having a business meeting or making a presentation requiring projection equipment, you may want to consider some of our media walls for your tent rental needs. Ordinary solid white sidewalls are made of a single layer of vinyl and are designed to allow sunlight to shine through them to help light the tent. This can be a challenge when you are planning to make a presentation. Our media walls are made of an extra thick block out vinyl which doesn’t allow any sunlight through.

Mesh Tent Walls

These walls are best compared to a screened in porch and are a great “windows open” option for summer events when you want to enjoy the breeze from outside, but still want some protection from the weather, bugs, or just some subtle privacy from the neighbors.

Solid Tent Walls

If you’re looking for shade as the sun is setting, protection from the wind or rain, or to simply obscure the view of an unsightly neighbor, these all-purpose sidewalls are good for any event.

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