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We have all the tent climate control options for your tent rental!

Heated Tent Rental: The size and quantity of heaters required for an event boils down to how many square feet the tent is and how cold it is outside. Our in stock inventory of internal combustion box heaters ranging in size from 60,000 BTU to 170,000 BTU take care of the majority of events in need of tent heaters. Each box heater utilizes about 12 amps of power from an alternative source. When it comes to larger events in the cold winter months we partner with local heating experts.

Tent Air Conditioning Rental:  Air conditioning for a tent isn’t the right option for every event, but when it is we coordinate with industry experts to bring in the right size units to maintain a nice cool temperature for your event. With multiple options available for running ductwork into your air conditioned tent there is virtually no loss of space under the tent. We offer numerous tent climate control rental options! 

Tent Cooler Rental: Tent coolers, which function like a swamp cooler, are a cost effective option for relieving your guests from the warm summer sun. Most units are equipped with oscillating heads which provides a 15 degree temperature drop in an 800 sq. ft. area. These units work by evaporating cool water into the air. For those extremely hot days, you can even add ice to the water to provide further relief. Each tent cooler utilizes about 15 amps of power.

Tent Fans:  At the end of the day just moving air around with a fan can make a big difference. We have a selection of fans available ranging from ceiling fans which are available in certain tents to pedestal fans with oscillating heads.  Fans are often used in conjunction with our Tent Coolers. Most fans utilize a minimal amount of power, typically no more than 5 amps per unit.

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