(old) Tent Rental Lighting, Walls, and Flooring

Tent Rental Lighting, Walls, and Flooring

Tent Rental Lighting

Tent rental lighting is one of the most effective components to accessorizing and setting the mood for your event. We offer lighting options including parameter lights, up lighting, led lighting, lit paper lanterns, chandeliers, and full ceiling treatments with fabric and light swaged through entire ceiling of tent. We can also highlight items like staging, dance floors, cake tables, buffets, and guest tables by utilizing pin spot lights or can lighting which are mounted to our tents with custom brackets. If you don’t see the look you are shooting for in our photos it doesn’t mean we haven’t done it or can’t do it. We love to customize to meet your vision.

Sidewalls for Tenting

  • Solid Tent Walls: All purpose tenting sidewall that are good for any event.
  • Window Tent Walls: These are the walls that always come to mind when thinking of a tented wedding. They are also utilized to class up any tented event. The beautiful arch tenting windows allow your guest to take in the view outside and also provide natural light into the tent.
  • Clear Tent Walls: If you want a view these tenting walls are the best choice. The walls are literally 100% clear with no white vinyl to be found.
  • Media Tent Walls: If you are having a business meeting or giving any type of presentation requiring projecting equipment you may want to consider some of our media Walls. Ordinary White Solid Sidewalls are made of a single layer of vinyl so that they allow sunlight to shine through them to help light the tent. This can be a challenge when you are hoping to show a slideshow or power point. Our media tent walls are made of an extra thick block out vinyl which doesn’t allow any sunlight through.
  • Mesh Tent Walls: These walls are best compared to a screened in porch and are a great option for summer events when you want to enjoy the breeze from outside, but still want some protection from the weather, bugs, or just some privacy from the neighbors.
  • Tracked/Kedered Tent Walls: Available on our Navi-Trac and structure tents. These walls not only attach on top but also slide into a track in the side of the legs which eliminates virtually all blowing and flapping. In extreme conditions a high wind bar can be added which slides into the bottom of the wall and further locks them in place. For further convenience unlike traditional tent walls that have to be rolled up or taken off to allow air flow these walls simply unlace down the middle and slide back like a shower curtain. We have Kedered walls available in solid white, cathedral window walls, and clear.
  • High Tent Wind Walls:  For those tents that don’t offer the option of Tracked or Kedered walls we have developed some alternatives. Our high wind tent walls pay for themselves for events that are utilizing heating or air conditioning. We utilize a type of tent wall known as Snap and Lap which allows the walls to clip together to prevent them from blowing apart and then utilizing cabling or planking to lock the bottom of the tent walls into place.
  • Tent Tent Doors: Whether your goal is to add further efficiency to heating or cooling your tent and eliminate drafts or just to impress you guest with something they don’t see very often, tent doors are the way to go.

Tent Rental Flooring

Whether you simply want to lay carpet to clean up an already flat surface, lay Porta-flooring to cover up the grass or go to the extent of providing a level and hard surface (finished wood or carpeted) we have a tent flooring option that can take your event to the next level. Tent flooring is the answer for leveling areas, covering imperfections on the surface and above all keeping your guests feet dry. A leveled tent floor rental is important for the success of your event. Our tent flooring options fall into five main categories. Read below to find out what style of tent flooring is best for your event.

Plank, Board, & Carpet for tenting:

Great flooring option for semi level yards & parking lots. Although the name isn’t very creative it pretty well describes it. We lay 2” x 10” boards 2’ on center the length of the tent as a foundation. We then lay 2” x 6” boards the opposite direction & then cover it with 4’ x 8’ sheets of OSB. From there your carpet of choice tops it all off to create a solid and dry floor for your event.

Finished Wood for tenting:

Another solid tent rental flooring option for semi-level yards and parking lots, only with this floor you don’t need carpet.  Our wood tent flooring rental is shimmed off ground to allow water to flow under and around the tent floor. This flooring is a classy touch that most tent companies don’t offer and can be a really good choice for events that don’t want to be restricted to the size of a tented floor dance floor. Ad a touch of class to your event with our Wood Tent Flooring rental.

Porta Floor for tenting:

This is a half inch hard plastic that rolls out and follow the contour of the ground. While this floor doesn’t provide a perfectly level or firm surface it does keep guests feet dry and eliminate trip hazards in the grass and cleans up an old asphalt parking lot. This tent flooring is also sometimes used as a subfloor for carpet on parking lots to eliminate water running under tent and saturating carpet.

Elevated flooring for tenting:

Every once in a while you have the perfect location for an event, but the only problem is the ground isn’t level. Our elevated tent flooring options are ideal for rolling landscape or slopes. We have built floors that are flesh to the ground on one side & 5’ off the ground on the other side.

Carpet and flooring for tenting:

This can be as simple as an indoor/outdoor carpet to cover an asphalt parking lot or a plush carpet to add the extra touch to your floored tent.

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