Tent Flooring

Whether you simply want to lay carpet to clean up an already flat surface, lay PortaFloor to cover up the grass, or go to the extent of providing a level and hard surface (finished wood or carpeted) we have a tent flooring option that can take your event to the next level. Tent flooring is the answer for leveling areas, covering imperfections on the surface and above all keeping your guests’ feet dry. A leveled tent floor rental is important for the success of your event; read below to find out which style of tent flooring will best enhance your event.

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Elevated Tent Flooring

Every once in a while, you have the perfect location for an event, but the only problem is the ground isn’t level. Our elevated tent flooring options are ideal for rolling landscape or slopes and allow you to capitalize on an otherwise beautiful location. We have built floors that are flush to the ground on one side and five feet off the ground on the other side.

Finished Wood Tent Floor

Another solid tent rental flooring option for semi-level yards and parking lots, this option substitutes a premium custom finished wood instead of the unfinished OSB and carpet described above. Our wood tent flooring rental is shimmed off the ground to allow water to flow under and around the tent floor. This flooring is a timeless option that has been developed exclusively by Mutton Rentals and is a really good choice for events that don’t want to be restricted by the size of dance floor otherwise available. Add a touch of class to your event with our finished wood tent flooring rental.

Tent Flooring with Carpet

This can be as simple as an indoor/outdoor carpet to cover an asphalt parking lot or a plush carpet to add the extra touch to your floored tent. However, as noted above, if there is water on the ground it can saturate the carpet

Tent Flooring with Turf

Turf is a simple way to cover any tent floor. Major benefits include its resilience to heavy foot traffic by not showing dirt. Additionally its short nap isn't prone to holding water which makes it a great floor covering for events that want keep the walls open and a natural choice for walkways & entry/transition tents. While most of our clients tend to gravitate towards black our Turf tent floor covering is available in 14 different colors.

Walk Way and Transition Flooring

Our skilled crews have the ability to connect it all together. Walkways are key an element to any upscale event ensuring your guest have solid footing when approaching your tent, moving between tents, or just finding their way to the restrooms.

Plastic Floor for Tenting

Plastic or PortaFloor is a half inch hard plastic that rolls out and follow the contour of the ground. While this floor doesn’t provide a perfectly level or firm surface it does keep guests feet dry, eliminates trip hazards in the grass, and cleans up an old asphalt parking lot. This tent flooring is also sometimes used as a subfloor for carpet on parking lots to eliminate water running under tent and saturating carpet.

Plywood Tent Flooring

Our plank-and-board floor rental is a great option for semi level yards and parking lots. Although the name isn’t very creative it accurately describes it. We lay 2” x 10” boards 2’ on center the length of the tent as a foundation. We then lay 2” x 6” boards the opposite direction & then cover it with 4’ x 8’ sheets of OSB. From there your carpet of choice is laid to create a solid, dry, comfortable floor for your event.

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