Ballasting - NO STAKES!

Staking is always the most secure and cost-effective method of anchoring a tent.  In situations where staking isn’t an option ballast can be used, however, it is important to do it right and avoid short cuts.


We work almost exclusively with concrete blocks when ballasting tents.  Studies done by the Tent Rental Division of IFAI (Industrial Fabric Association International) have revealed that concrete blocks are the safest ballast option for tents.  Here are things to keep in mind when considering concrete blocks:

  1. Is my tent company using enough weight?  
  2. The amount of weight required to safely anchor a tent depends on the size of the tent and that tent’s engineering specifications.  
  3. Why do they cost money?  
  4. Transporting & handling concrete blocks requires additional trucking and special equipment. 
  5. How can I be sure my tent company is not using short cuts? When reviewing quotes, you should compare how much weight each company is planning to use for the same size tent.  If one company is quoting less than the others you should find out why.  Insufficient ballast may be a quick short cut to reduce costs, but is the structural integrity of your tent or the safety of your guest worth it?

With the exception of very small tents or partial applications our company DOES NOT USE WATER BARRELS.  When considering your ballast options, there are two main issues frequently encountered with the use of water barrels:

1. Water barrels slide easily.  If your ballast is moving then so is your tent; which means that the entire tent can shift while still attached to the barrel and as a result, tent legs can snap causing damage to people and things nearby.

2. If a water barrel tips over in windy conditions the water will run out resulting in insufficient weight anchoring the tent.  No water = no ballast.

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