Corporate Functions

If you are organizing an all staff meeting, a product tradeshow, or open house, our clearspan tents bring the festivities to any location you choose by creating a temporary building.  When it comes to corporate functions, we understand the expense that goes into planning and execution of elaborate events not just for the host organization but also for those attending.  Clearspan structures offer weather security which provides peace of mind and the assurance that the event will go off without a hitch. Learn more about the benefits of Clearspans!

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Presentations & AV

Clearspan and structure style tents offer a number of features compatible with events that have a presentation component. Some of those features include clear site lines, overhead rigging, trussing options and the ability to create an environment dark enough to use projectors. Check out our Corporate Photo Gallery!

Weather Tight

As described throughout, our clear span tents are built to withstand adverse weather. These tents are fully engineered with high wind loads and have features like tracked vinyl sidewalls, entry doors as well as upgraded glass wall and hard wall systems that create a weather tight environment allowing the event to go on even if Mother Nature doesn’t play nice. Click for more on our Wall and Door offerings.

Climate Control

The features of our Losberger De Boer clearspan structure tents allow them to be sealed up so tightly that climate control can be seamlessly incorporated. This means that the winter tents can be heated tents and the summer tents can be air-conditioned tents. Whether it is the dead of winter or the dog days of summer, we can create an environment that allows you to do business comfortably year-round without breaking a sweat or wearing a parka.

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