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Clearspans are the strongest tents on the market. They are a great choice for any event that doesn't want the weather to impact the outcome of their event.  

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Clear Span or clearspan is a type of temporary structure defined by its wide-open space from one end to the other with no interior poles, obstructions, obstacles or site line issues – all of which are common in other tent styles.  Manufactured by industry leader Losberger De Boer, our clearspan inventory is available in 15m (49’), 20m (66’) and 25m (82’) widths and is expandable to any length in 5m (16.4’) increments.  We pride ourselves in our extensive cooperative network of tent professionals nationwide which allows us to effectively source any size clearspan structure anywhere you need it.


Clearspan Features:

Tracked Walls

In traditional tents, sidewalls can get unruly in windy conditions. This issue is nonexistent in clearspan tents. Clearspans feature tracked or kedered walls, which attach along the eave and also slide into a track on the side of each leg. Additionally, wind bars can attach to the bottom of the wall to further secure the tent. Tracked walls are available in clear(shown above), cathedral window, or solid white.

Glass Walls + Hard Walls

Clearspan tents can be outfitted with glass or hard walls. These upgrades further solidify the upscale look of these structures. They also eliminate the noise of moving sidewalls during adverse weather. Combining glass and hard wall options with glass entry doors make these structured tents almost unidentifiable as tent.

Eave Height

The eave height of the tent is the overhead clearance when entering and exiting the tent. Standard eave height in most tents is seven or eight feet. Clearspan structure tents offer a standard eave height of 3.4m (11.2’) or the upgraded 4m (13.1’) effectively creating a temporary building. Increased clearance supports temporary warehouse and construction tent applications by allowing larger objects, fork trucks, and vehicles to access the tent.

Better Footprint + Less Hazards

Traditional tents require an additional six feet in every direction to allow for staking. By design, a clearspan tent is only staked through the foot. This means that there are no exterior guy ratchets or ropes extending from the perimeter of the tent allowing for placement within inches of another structure and maximizing the space available. Trip hazards are eliminated through stake placement. Traffic flow into and around the tent is improved by not having ratchets, ropes, or stakes extending six feet in every direction.

Better Rigging

In a clearspan structure tent, the aluminum frame creates a skeleton providing built-in attachment points throughout to allow for streamlined, secure installation of lights, trusses, chandeliers, tent decoration, TV screens and more!

Climate Control

Clearspan tents enjoy better ventilation; increased eave height allows heat to rise and air to move efficiently through the tent. Tracked walls provide the ability to close up the tent and introduce temperature control in the form of heating and cooling allowing events to have heated tents and tent air conditioning.


Clearspan tents are engineered by the manufacturer, Losberger De Boer, to withstand high winds and other variables that traditional tents are not designed to handle. The ability of the tent to meet engineering specifications is always dependent upon proper, safe, professional installation following all of the manufacturer’s guidelines including the appropriate number of stakes for the soil conditions or sufficient weight if ballasting is appropriate.

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