In order to insure the proper tent quality for your event, all tents are inspected, cleaned and graded on a regular basis. The tent grades are A, B+, B or C.  Please review the description of each grade below to see what is most appropriate for your event.

  • A Grade tents are top of the line or wedding quality which means the tent is bright, crisp, clean and free of spots or stains.
  • B+ Grade tents are of nice quality, still bright and clean but will possibly have some minor spots or scuffing or a small repair mark.
  • B Grade tents are what is considered a party grade, they look nice but the color might be slightly faded and some minor scuffing, stains, and repairs may  be noticeable.
  • C Grade tents stand for commercial grade, these tents are structurally strong but will be faded, have large stains or spots on them. These tents are most commonly used for events where the only goal is protection from the weather & appearance is not a consideration.

Quality Control

Bob Mutton Party Rental and Event Planning’s tent crews use drop cloths under every tent for set up and tear down to protect the tent & provide you with highest quality possible. Inspection tags are placed on all tents after a tear down so our warehouse maintenance staff can clean or perform repairs as needed.  Many People may think a tent is a tent, but we promise that you will notice a difference in quality with our tents.