Product Description:

Put on Velcro suit and hit the wall. A good jump, with a somersault or two, lands you against the wall stuck fast ad gravity free untill somwone peels you off! The safe, colorful device is available for parties, picnics, promotions, and similar events. 

Dimensions: 15'x15'x15' 
Participant Specifications: Ages 7yr+ 
Power Requirements: 1 Blower. 110Volts/12AMPs. Recommend that blowers are on a circuit by themselves. Blower has a 20' power cord. You may attach up to an additional 100' of power cord. Minimum 14 gauge cord. 

Pricing Information:

  • Cash & Carry Price $269.00
  • Setup & Teardown Price $30.00 + Delivery Fee

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